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The 18th Edition saw Appendix 17 “Energy Efficiency” added to the wiring regulations. With the release of Amendment 2 we now have the addition of Part 8 which covers the consumption and production of energy in a prosumer installation. Section 712 of the wiring regulations was also expanded to further define the test and inspection of Solar PV installations. The Sonel MPI-540 series of multifunction testers combines all the required test functions for BS7617 inspections with a 3 phase power quality logger. Solar installations and EV installations can also be tested in accordance with the regulations and standards with additional test adapters for the meters.

Areas related to power and energy measurement include the provision for data logging and measurement of harmonics and total harmonic distortion meaning the prosumer multifunction tester can give a new revenue stream for the electrical contracting business. Reports and consultation on power quality can be provided with Power Quality Health Checks and Energy Load Profiling to be added as a service to your customers.


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