Power Quality Analysers

Power Quality Analysers are powerful and versatile instruments available to the modern electrician and electrical engineer. This is a central resource of information on the latest class A and class S power quality analysers that all comply with the 61000-4-30 power quality measurements standard. Class A and class S Power Quality Analysers can be used for diagnosing Power Quality problems, Energy Load Profiling and for producing Harmonic Surveys of an electrical installation. Prosumer Multifunction Testers enable general everyday electrical testing, energy efficiency and power quality testing in accordance to the latest 18th Edition Amendment 2 regulations.

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Class A Power Quality Analysers

The highest accuracy power quality analysers designed for the complete analysis of your mains network.  Sonel class A analysers include integrated GPS which guarantees the highest level of accuracy and repeatability of power quality measurements and tests.  Sonel meters are independently certified to ensure their Class A meters are one of the best measurement solutions for the professional in the power quality industry.

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Class S Power Quality Analysers

Class S Power Quality Analysers

The Sonel class S power quality analysers provide comprehensive measurements of all the required power quality parameters in accordance with 61000-4-30.  The class S meters are ideal for basic and long term survey analysis of power, energy and harmonics.  The meters also enable stand alone mains network analysis to provide fast diagnosis of power quality problems and energy usage.

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Prosumer Multifunction Testers

The Sonel MPI multifunction testers enable the full testing of an electrical installation in accordance with the latest amendment of the 18th Edition wiring regulations.  Power quality and energy measurements defined in Appendix 17 are made to Class S to ensure that Part 8 prosumer installations energy consumption and production can be measured accurately.  Solar PV installations can be assessed as described in Section 712 to ensure renewable installations comply to the EN64224 standard.

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Power Quality Knowledge Base

Power Quality Knowledge Base is an online facility to look up the answers to various power quality topics including;

Power Quality Knowledge Base

Free Guide to Power Quality

Power quality problems such as Harmonics, Flicker, Voltage Dips Sags and Swells are making the use of power quality analysers a more essential tool for the diagnose power and energy problems in a modern electrical installation. To help you learn more about power quality, Power Quality Expert and Sonel have collaborated to produce a power quality guide available as a free download.

Free Guide to Power Quality

Sonel Test and Measurement

Power Quality Expert has been partnered with Polish test equipment manufacturer Sonel S.A. since 2016.  We act on behalf of Sonel as their authorised representative and approved import agent for the UK and Ireland.  Sonel have been established since 1994 and now now manufacture a complete range of electrical test and measurement equipment including Power Quality Analysers, High Current Fault Loop Impedance Meters, High Current Micro-Ohmmeters, Partial Discharge Meters, Earth Resistance Testers, UV Corona Camera, Thermal Imagers, HV Insulation Testers and High Voltage Cable Fault Detection equipment.

Energy Technology List

Power Quality Expert are listed and approved as part of the Energy Technology List managed by the UK government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. As a stakeholder in the list we take an active role within the ETL to help provide consultative guidance on power quality and energy measurement criteria for Portable Energy Measurement Equipment, Sub Metering and Energy Management Systems. All the Sonel Power Quality Analysers and Prosumer Multifunction Testers comply with the ETL product criteria requiring the compliance to measurement accuracy of either Class S and Class A for power quality measurements.

Expert in the Measurement and Analysis of Power Quality

Power Quality Expert has been established since 2016 as specialist providers of Power Quality and Harmonic Surveys, BS:EN50160 Compliance Reports, UNIPEDE assessments, Energy Load Profiling and Power Quality Training. In 2018 we developed and launched the Power Quality Health Check to provide a portal based analysis and reporting writing service. In 2020 we further enhanced our ability to remotely work with our clients with the introduction of the Power Quality Clinic to enable an online power quality consultancy service. Our product portfolio compliments our power quality and energy services with a comprehensive range of electrical test and measurement equipment and fixed aM&T sub-metering power quality and energy management systems.