MPI-540 meter is a multi-function tester that can also be used as a 3-phase recorder of power supply parameters. It allows measurement and recording of parameters of 50/60 Hz power networks such as voltage, current, power, harmonics, etc. The recorder is compliant with EN 61000-4-30:2015 class S.

In the recorder mode it is possible to view the current network parameters (iwaveforms, component vectors, tabular data), record average parameter values according to the user settings and analyse the recorded data (time plots, harmonics, etc.).
The analyser module uses the following input sockets of the meter:

• three current clamps sockets I1, I2, I3,
• three voltage banana sockets L1, L2, L3 in the multifunctional socket, to which individual voltage phases are connected (max. 550 V relative to earth),
• separate banana socket marked N.

Four sockets for current clamps allow the user to connect several types of clamps to measure currents. The following clamps may be connected to them:

• flexible clamps F-1A, F-2A, F-3A of nominal range of 3000 A AC (differing only in terms of the coil length),
• CT clamps: C-4A (range 1000 A AC), C-5A (range 1000 A AC/DC), C-6A (range 10 A AC) and C-7A (range 100 A AC).

The measuring range may be changed by using additional transducers – for example, using a transducer of 10 000 A / 5 A with C-6A clamps the user may measure currents up to 10 000 A.

The recorded data is stored on a removable microSD memory card. The meter also has an internal memory, which is used for storing configuration files.

Configuration of the recorder by the user sets the basic parameters: type of network, type of clamps, frequency, averaging period. All data that the meter is able to measure is always recorded. All parameters of the power supply network measured by the meter in the recorder mode are listed below:
• effective voltage,
• DC components of voltages,
• effective currents,
• DC components of currents (only using C-5A clamps),
• mains frequency within the range of 40..70 Hz,
• harmonics of voltages and currents (up to 40th),
• total harmonic distortion (THD) THDF for currents and voltages,
• active, reactive, apparent and distortion power,
• active positive and negative energies,
• passive energies consumed and returned,
• apparent energies,
• power factors (PF)
• unbalance factors of voltages and currents

Some of the parameters are aggregated (averaged) according to the time selected by the user (available settings: 1 s, 3 s, 10 s, 30 s, 1 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min) and may be stored on a memory card.

The meter is compatible with the PC software Sonel Analysis, which also supports other analysers produced by Sonel. This software allows basic analysis of the recorded data or export in a format suitable for Power Quality Health Check. The data may be read using the USB cable or directly from a microSD card after inserting it to an external memory card reader connected to a PC.

Download Sonel MPI-540 Datasheet

Download Sonel MPI-540 Manual