Power Quality Reports

We introduced the concept of the Power Quality Health Check in 2018 and this service quickly become a standard offering from some of the most well known test equipment specialists. Our power quality reporting service is compatible with most of the leading brands of power quality analysers and energy loggers including Sonel, Fluke, Kewtech, Metrel, Elcomponent and Chauvin Arnoux. The service now included our Power Quality Clinic which enhances to exisiting ability of uploading of your recorded survey data to us through an online portal with additional bespoke online consultation. We are able to analyse your data and produce a number of different power quality reports. Our Power Quality Health Check report covers the basic elements of a power quality assessment for the electrical installation under test, with a further enhanced Power Quality Report detailing additional measurements and harmonic assessment. Depending on the data your meter is able to record, all of our reports will contain information and assessment of power usage, power factor, the quality of mains supply voltage and current harmonics. All this information is presented in a standardised report and includes observations and comments on the results with proposed potential solutions to any identified issues. Through the addition of our Power Quality Clinic, we are also able to provide guidance and help for you to provide your customer with the information they need to help take the next steps to solving their power quality problems.

Power Quality Health Check