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The Power Quality Health Check developed by Power Quality Expert, allows you to upload your recorded power quality data to us.  Launched in April 2018 the service is available online at www.powerqualityhealthcheck.com.  The service provides a simple and easy solution for Contractors, Electrical Distributors and Test Equipment Hire Companies looking to have their information interpretted and presented in a clear and intuitive report.

Contact us today to learn how our online reporting service enables you to add Power Quality and Energy Efficiency to your business by using us as your expert.

Sonel Analysis software is a free downloadable package that allows you to configure and download data from the PQM Power Quality Analysers and MPI Power Energy Logger Multi Function Tester.

Sonel Analysis Mobile application is a free downloadable Android application that allows you to configure and view live measurements through the WiFi connection built into the Sonel PQM710 and PQM711.


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