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    When the waveforms are very distorted, the two definitions will give significantly different results. THDR may not exceed 100{b7e1b70d923112b2dce5c7f61317ee3c713200fca463085e7ae47b1e4ec3e7da}, but there is no such limit for THDF and it may go up to 200{b7e1b70d923112b2dce5c7f61317ee3c713200fca463085e7ae47b1e4ec3e7da} or higher. Such case can be seen when measuring very distorted current. The voltage harmonic distortion usually does not exceed a few percent for both THDF and THDR.  For example, the limit according to EN 50160 is 8{b7e1b70d923112b2dce5c7f61317ee3c713200fca463085e7ae47b1e4ec3e7da} (THDF).

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