Free Guide to Power Quality

Power Quality and Power Quality Analysers have started to become an everyday topic of conversation for modern electrical contractors. Power Quality problems such as Harmonics, Flicker, Voltage Dips Sags and Swells have put Power Quality Analysers as the preferred test meter tool of choice to diagnose Power Quality and Energy problems in a modern electrical installation. To help you learn more about Power Quality, Power Quality Expert and Sonel Test and Measurement have collaborated to produce The Power Quality Guide.

Free Guide to Power Quality

Power Quality Analysers

Power Quality Analysers are powerful and versatile instruments available to the modern electrician and electrical engineer. Our complete range of Class A and Class S Power Quality Analysers can be used for diagnosing Power Quality problems, Energy Load Profiling and for producing Harmonic Surveys of an electrical installation. For general everyday electrical and power quality testing, our latest Multi Function Power Quality Analyser combines 18th Edition Testing with Power Quality Analysis in one simple to use electrical test meter.

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