Power Quality Analyser PQM-700 is a high-tech meter providing comprehensive features for measuring, analysing and recording parameters of 50/60 Hz power networks and power quality in accordance with the European Standard EN 50160. The analyser is fully compliant with the requirements of IEC 61000-4-30:2009, Class S.

The analyser is equipped with four cables terminated with banana plugs, marked as L1, L2, L3, N. The range of voltages measured by the four measurement channels is max. ±1150 V. This range may be extended by using external voltage transducers.

Current measurements are carried out using four current inputs installed on short cables terminated with clamp terminals. The terminals may be connected to the following clamp types:

• flexible claps (marked as F-1(A), F-2(A), F-3(A)) with nominal rating up to 3000 A (differing from others only by coil diameter);
• CT clamps marked as C-4(A) (range up to 1000 A AC), C-5(A) (up to 1000 A AC/DC), C-6(A) (up to 10 A AC) and C-7(A) (up to 100 A AC).

The values of nominal measured currents may be changed by using additional transducers – for example, using a current transducer of 1000:5 ratio, the user may select C-6(A) clamps to measure currents up to 1000 A.

The device has a built-in 2 GB microSD memory card. Data from the memory card may be read via USB slot or by an external reader.

Recorded parameters are divided into groups that may be independently turned on or off for recording purposes and this solution facilitates the rational management of the space on the memory card. Parameters that are not recorded, leave more memory space for further measurements.

An important feature of the device is its ability to operate in harsh weather conditions – the analyser may be installed directly on electric poles. The ingress protection class of the analyser is IP65, and operating temperature ranges from -20°C to +55°C.

Uninterrupted operation of the device (in case of power failure) is ensured by an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
The user interface consists of five LEDs and 2 buttons.
The full capabilities of the device may be controlled by using the dedicated PC software Sonel Analysis.  This software allows basic analysis of the recorded data or export in a format suitable for Power Quality Health Check. The data may be read using the USB cable or directly from a microSD card after inserting it to an external memory card reader connected to a PC.

Communication with a PC is possible via USB connection, which provides the transmission speed up to 921.6 kbit/s

PQM-700 has an internal power supply adapter operating in a wide input voltage range (100…415 V AC / 140…415 V DC), which is provided with independent cables terminated with banana plugs. The power adapter has independent terminals (red cables) marked with letter P (power) To prevent the power adapter from being damaged by under voltage, it automatically switches off when powered with input volt-ages below approx. 80 V AC (110 V DC).

To maintain power supply to the device during power outages, the internal rechargeable battery is used. It is charged when the voltage is present at terminals of the AC adapter. The battery is able to maintain power supply up to 6 hours at temperatures of -20 °C…+55 °C. After the battery is discharged the meter stops its current operations (e.g. recording) and switches off in the emergency mode. When the power supply from mains returns, the analyser resumes interrupted recording.

Download Sonel PQM-700 Datasheet

Download Sonel PQM-700 Quick Start