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    EN50160 is the standard which defines the main characteristics of the voltage at a network user’s supply terminals in public low voltage and medium voltage electricity distribution systems under normal operating conditions. EN50160 gives the limits or values within which the voltage characteristics can be expected to remain, and does not describe the typical situation in a public supply network.

    The standard defines the responsibilities of the Energy Supplier which includes Providing Energy/Electricity to the Recipient, Maintaining the Continuity (Supply) and Keeping the Network Operating within Power Quality Parameters and what must be delivered to the end user and defines the limits for the mains voltage.

    The standard also defines the duties of the Power User including their responsibility related to their  Active and Reactive Power.

    EN50160 defines parameters relating to Frequency, Voltage Variation, Rapid Voltage Variations, Flicker, Voltage Sags, Short Interruptions, Long Interruptions, Overvoltage, Transient Overvoltage, Unbalance and Harmonics in Voltage,

    It is important to remember that complying with EN50160 will not solve all Power Quality problems but can remove the fault from the Electricity Supplier as their compliance with EN50160 standard will either be a Pass or Fail.

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