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    In this video we show how to measure inrush current with a Power Quality Analyser. Measuring inrush current with an analyser allows you to test motors as well as other electrical facilities where there is a rapid increase in current consumption. During startup some electrical equipment can draw significantly higher instantaneous currents than their nominal currents. This high current can be caused by capacitor charging, mechanical resistance and core magnetisation. By measuring inrush currents you can help to correctly select the parameters of over current protection in an installation. This protects the installation and users in the event of a failure and also ensures there is no accidental tripping of the circuit breaker when starting the devices.

    The power quality analyser used in this video is the Sonel PQM-707

    Download the Sonel PQM-707 simulator to try before you buy and familiarise yourself with how the meter is used.

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